Medical Providers

To refer a patient for Calmare Therapy please complete the referral form and fax it to (706) 222-4741. 

Contraindications to Calmare Therapy

Because of the manner in which the Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment operates, patients should not have the treatment if they suffer from and/or have any of the following contraindications including symptoms, conditions, or devices:

  • a pacemaker or automatic defibrillator

  • a heart stent, aneurysm clip, vena cava clip, or any other coronary or vascular stent

  • a skull plate, (Metal implants for orthopedic repair, e.g. pins, plates, joint replacements are allowed)  

  • pregnant or nursing

  • a history of epilepsy, brain damage, use of anti-convulsants for purposes other than pain control

  • a history of, or have been treated for myocardial infarction or ischemic heart disease within the past six months

  • severe heart arrhythmia or any form of equivalent heart disease

  • any implanted device such as a spinal nerve stimulator or implanted drug delivery system

  • wounds or skin irritation in areas where the electrodes are required to be placed

  • allergic to latex

  • a history of an allergic reaction or previous intolerance to transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation


Select medications can interfere with the effectiveness of Calmare therapy.  Whenever possible, it is important to wean off select medications 1+ weeks prior to starting Calmare treatment sessions. Click here to view the list of medications.

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