How Calmare Scrambler Therapy Works

When injured, the body normally signals a series of reactions within that allow for repair and full healing.  A person may have pain for a short amount of time, but this resolves when the tissue heals. 

In chronic pain the brain fails to send the message to the brain conveying the message, “you can stop the pain signal. now, there’s no more injury here”.


The Calmare device helps by interfering with the constant pain signal, "scrambling" the brain’s constant pain message and correcting it to the normal ‘no pain here” message.  This can help relieve pain and restore function.

To experience the pain relief benefits of Calmare therapy, small surface electrodes are placed comfortably on the skin above the area of pain.  These electrodes look similar to those used when performing an EKG.  When the machine is turned on, a very low current of electrical stimulation is sent to the brain through the nerve fibers,  This treatment is not painful.  With successive treatments, the "no-pain" signal overrides the original chronic pain signal, providing lasting relief. 

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