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Georgia Calmare Therapy is proud to be the first location in Georgia and one of only a handful of clinics in the entire southeastern US to offer Scrambler Therapy.

Pain relief is not just our profession, it is personal.


After an accident left her husband suffering with severe chronic nerve pain, our founder committed herself to making sure chronic pain sufferers have access to Scrambler Therapy, an effective, yet non-invasive treatment modality for neuropathic and oncologic pain. 

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How Calmare Works

Calmare works by scrambling the pain signal and replacing it with a "no pain" signal back to the brain, providing relief from symptoms.

Conditions We Treat

Calmare therapy can treat a variety of neuropathic pain conditions and pain resulting from cancer and cancer treatments.

Patient Information

Find out if you are a candidate for Calmare therapy and access other information that can help you better manage your pain.  


Our Story

A word from our founder - Rabia Vaughns, MS, PA-C

I have worked as a physician assistant since 2007 and have treated patients with a wide variety of painful conditions during my career.  Even my previous experience as a medical professional could not prepare me for what was to come when my husband was diagnosed with a severe chronic neuropathic pain condition, known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  To witness the toll chronic pain takes on a person is difficult to even put into words.  For 3 long years we found ourselves lost in the medical maze as my husband tried countless medications with various side effects, undergoing procedures that only made him worse and essentially becoming traumatized by the medical providers who were trying to help him.  He was fortunate to have a team of incredible integrative practitioners and access to a variety of treatment modalities including neurobiofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen, meditation, and breath work that provided a small amount of relief.  Nothing really helped significantly though and he continued to suffer with severe pain, mood issues, insomnia, and countless other issues. Then one night while I was chatting in an online CRPS support group a fellow CRPS sufferer discussed how "scrambler therapy" had put his symptoms into remission.  I had never heard of this treatment despite committing myself to countless hours of research on the topic of chronic pain and CRPS.  The closest treatment facility was in Greenville, SC so after a few months of researching further we packed up and my husband spent 2 weeks receiving daily treatment.  Each day his pain improved and stayed away longer.  My hope was restored that relief was possible for him. After that I became committed to making sure those suffering with neuropathic and oncologic pain in not only the greater Atlanta area but also the southeast as a whole, would have access to scrambler therapy closer to home.  It is important that people know there are other options besides medications, injections and invasive procedures.   It is my hope that Georgia Calmare Therapy is a beacon of hope for those suffering with chronic pain and those who love them. 

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